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Using amazingly sensitive "nano-velcro" materials to measure toxic cations in water sources

As far as environmental pollutants go, toxic cations comprise one of the most serious categories with regard to their potential for detrimental effects to human health.  These substances, which include mercury and organomercuric species, lead, zinc, and cadmium, have been shown to cause damage to a number of human organ systems, and are considered to be extremely dangerous at fairly low co

Jeffrey Serrill, toxic cations, mercury, organomercurics, nano-velcro

Acoustic tweezers: a new tool for manipulating the micro-scale

An exciting new device has been developed recently at Penn State, one which has the potential to greatly impact many different disciplines in the engineering and science fields.  This apparatus, referred to as surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based tweezers, provides an energy-efficient, biocompatible method for the movement and manipulation of microparticles and biological specimens for a numb

 Jeffrey Serrill, acoustic tweezers, manipulating microscopic particles

Great 60 sec video 101 Explanation of Mass Spectroscopy

Beauty of Microscopy Never Ceases to Amaze